Lace closure ventilating


Course fee:150,000

What is ventilating? Ventilating is an art of wig making which is based on how laces are made from scratch to finish .
It’s a two days exclusive 1-1 class in which participants will learn the following outlines
1. How to create templates for lace closures and frontals
2. Hair preparation
3. Best and easy technique on how to ventilllates on laces to make a custom made closure .
4. Understanding lace positions and cut pattern .
5. Introduction to hair knotting
B.Types of knotting
6. Lace repairs ( bonus )
7. Hair positions and direction.
B.Natural hairline customization
8.Filling of over ripped / bald lace .
Training kits will be provided which are yours after the class and a certificate of completion at the end of the class .

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